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Chitwan Jungle Safari in June and July

June and July are the monsoon months in Nepal, which means that Chitwan National Park is relatively less crowded during this time. However, the heavy rains can make it challenging to explore the park and spot wildlife.

During these months, the park is lush and green, and the rivers and lakes are full. This can make for a beautiful and serene experience, but also means that some of the roads and trails may be difficult to navigate.

You can still expect to see wildlife during your jungle safari, but it may be more challenging to spot them due to the dense vegetation. You may have a better chance of seeing animals near the water sources, as many animals gather near them during the monsoon season.

It’s important to note that some lodges and hotels in the area may be closed during this time, so it’s best to check availability before making your plans.

If you do plan to visit Chitwan National Park during the monsoon months, it’s recommended to carry waterproof clothing, shoes, and insect repellent. Also, be prepared for potential travel delays due to heavy rains and flooding.

Overall, June and July may not be the best time to visit Chitwan National Park for a jungle safari due to the challenging weather conditions, but if you’re looking for a unique and peaceful experience, it may be worth considering.

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