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Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour Cost, Price details update 2022

Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour Cost

Chitwan jungle safari tour cost is various on a number of factors. You find some more than the other. This is because the tour operators of your Chitwan jungle safari have to take many things into consideration. It is best to book your jungle safari from a register tour operator with the tourism board. This is because they have to adhere to fair practices and their activities should not have an adverse effect on portraying a negative feeling with a client.

The cost of any package, tour, trip and activity in Chitwan National Park comes from where you are going to stay. Lodging is the might seem the secondary activity, but it is the primary one, without which the main activity is not plausible. While anywhere, people love to have a level of comfort while staying at any destination. The staying facilities at Chitwan will vary from the simple mundane to the high-class with different levels of comforts.

Chitwan is a tourist destination in Nepal and has a different category of lodging. Your trip needs lodging in either a hotel of various ratings to the resorts of various kinds. The cost and the number of days you stay the more it cost. This cost is inducted into the price of the packages. The cheaper priced ones will naturally have you housed at a cheaper level of a star hotel or lodge. It is always best to find out from the operator where you will be staying and what facilities will be offered in your stay.

The next thing that the Chitwan Jungle Safari cost needs to take into consideration, is food for you, usually, it is a full board of breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. This too has to be paid for from the cost to the service provider. Something it is included in the tour package cost, something you might have to pay for it from your own pocket. It is best to make things clear from your tour operator ahead of booking the tour package.

Then the next thing is the cost that you pay has to be taken into consideration, is the fees and taxes, taken by the Chitwan National Park, as they have to function and be protected from scrupulous people and that needs money. The taxes and fees which we pay on your behalf is also a part of the Chitwan Jungle Safari prices. Then there is the transportation cost per person and finally, the different people who provide their service to make the Chitwan Jungle safari a success, the Mahots of the Elephant, the naturalist who is mandatory for a trip into the jungle and the money which goes to the indigenous community who help in protecting the forest, rather than destroying it for their benefits like elsewhere in the world.

As now you might have understood, that prices that you see on our itineraries have to take some of these fundamentals into consideration and last but the least it is our profit as a tour operator of Jungle safaris in Chitwan, without which we would not be able to operate and provide the service we give. You are free to choose from the number of Tours, Safaris, and adventures in Chitwan National Park Safari where we have fair Chitwan jungle safari prices and costs.

Chitwan National Park Safari Tour Packages

How much does it cost for a Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari?

Chitwan safari tour cost starts from US$ 150.00/per person for 2 Nights 3 Days Chitwan Highlights Safari Tour Package all-inclusive. 1 Night 2 Days Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour Package US$ 120.00/per person. 3 Nights 4 Days Chitwan Jungle Safari Adventure Tour Package US$ 220.00/per person.

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